What to Expect

Pre-Employment Medicals area common requirement for many high risk industry job roles such as

  • check-mark-1mining
  • check-mark-1oil
  • check-mark-1gas
  • check-mark-1construction
  • check-mark-1logistics

Medical History

During your pre-employment you will be required to complete a series of questions relating to your past and present medical history. Such questions may include:

  • check-mark-1Are you currently taking any medication?
  • check-mark-1Have you previously undergone any surgery?
  • check-mark-1Do you have any altergies?
  • check-mark-1Do you smoke?
  • check-mark-1Do you drink alcohol?

Although often considered to be quite challenging, pre-employment medicals are used to ensure a potential employee is safe and fit to complete the inherent demands of the job role.

Medical Examination

The medical examination is designed to assess your current health status to ensure you are safe and fit to complete the inherent demands of the job you are applying for. The examination may include a combination of any of the following tests:

Blood pressure

a measurement of the pressure within  your arteries

body mass index

a measurement to determine if you are overweight or within healthy weight range, whet compares to your height

lung sunction test

a measurement of how much air you can take in and exhale

breath alcohol test

a measurement of blood alcohol concentration


a measure of glucose, protein and blood within your urine

vision test

a measurement of how well each of your eyes can see far and near objects

Hearing test

a measurement of how well each of you ears can hear noise

urine drug test

a test to check for any use of illicit and prescription drugs